Foxes' Charter

From their needs you will start

Take the time to assess your learner's demand and needs. You are the expert. It is up to you to identify which needs are more dominant than others in the present moment. Move at your learner's pace.

Your transmission style and the diversity of your teaching tools you will adapt


Be inventive, creative. Alternate between theory and practice. Create diversity in the way you transmit. Don't let your learner get bored! Make them want more and make your teachings addictive. People have many intelligences. Some people are good with numbers, language, reading, nature, others with music and images. Optimise the 5 senses. Do according to their intelligence, recognise it and value it.

Actions you shall guide

As soon as you register with BFOX, you become our ambassador and represent us. In addition to all the identities that make you who you are, the Fox identity adds up. You will have the mission of keeping a clear guiding line and bring structure into your teaching methods.

You will demonstrate a fair ethical distance


You will respect the rules and principles established by BFOX that will serve as a reference for Foxes and for BBfoxes. This includes respect for privacy, professional secrecy, personal beliefs and differences.

Expert like you, they will become


Thanks to the adapted program you will prepare for your coachees, your personal advice, your listening, your observation and also your BBfox's involvement, they will be able to reach your level in the subject you have been teaching them, coaching them in.

Communication - crystal clear it will be

During your interactions ,you shall choose the means of communication that suits both of you best (email, phone, sms,...). You will not hesitate to call your learner back if during the coaching process the contact breaks down. BBfoxes are sometimes shy and are afraid to disturb you. Show that you are always there for them. A nice little text to remind them of their appetite for knowledge. "Hello, are you still eager to learn? However, if you would like us to review our schedules, I am available. Contact me."

Friendly and courteous you will be


Adopt a professional and courteous behavior. Make the coachee feel comfortable. If disagreements arise, you shall choose discussion and politeness to resolve them. You will seek solutions that are for the benefit of the group and for the development of the group. They will be adapted and accessible to all.

The motivations and skills of your BBfoxes you shall identify

During the first contact established with a BBfox, remind yourself these few questions in order to know the nature of the request you will have to meet.

Who? What? Where? How? Why? How often?

Answering these questions with your learner will allow you to prepare yourself mentally, physically and materially.

Attentive to the evolution of progress you shall remain

Value the work done, assess expectations, motivations and slackness and allow for mistakes. Boost them, without being too intrusive. Work on what is required in the present without neglecting what was established at the start. During the transmission, remember to redefine the goals if necessary. You are determined that your work will bear fruit. You will aim for a good result. Although there is no such thing as perfection, you will aim for excellence.

The main priorities of your BBfoxes you shall target

Set achievable goals together as SMART as possible. Make sure it is Specific enough by setting a goal in your method of working. Let that goal be Measurable. Determine how you will see that it is achieved. Make sure the goal is Achievable by setting milestones for example. Be ambitious! However, aiming for a Realistic goal means giving yourself the means to achieve your ambition. Give yourself a deadline in Time by which the result must be achieved.

In managing your coaching - with kindness you will act


At BFOX, we are well aware that session cancellation, sometimes the last minute in case of unforeseen circumstances, is possible but leaving your coachee waiting for you is unacceptable. So don't forget to cancel your coaching on BFOX in your calendar so that he/she is warned and notified of your cancellation. Also, don't forget to reimburse your coachee if the coaching didn't take place, so you will avoid a bad evaluation from your coachee (BBfox).


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