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Highlight your brand on our map.

Welcome to the dedicated business space on BFOX. Our platform is revolutionizing how brands interact locally by seamlessly integrating their advertising on our interactive map. BFOX opens new horizons to showcase your business to an engaged, local audience.

BFOX, Un service accessible près de chez vous

Our Advertising Offers

We offer a range of advertising packages tailored to all needs and goals.

  • Spotlight on the Map

    Highlight your establishment with a distinctive icon directly on our map. Perfect for increasing immediate visibility of your brand.

  • Advertising Banners

    Use dedicated spaces on the application to promote special offers, events, or updates related to your business.

  • Sponsored Posts

    Share your story, showcase your products or services through enriched content directly integrated into the activity feed of BFOX users.

  • Sponsored Categories

    Associate your brand with specific categories on BFOX, thereby targeting users interested in services or products similar to yours.

  • Increased Local Visibility

    Reach your local community directly, where it matters the most.

  • User Engagement

    Benefit from a platform where users actively seek local services and experiences.

  • Flexibility

    Advertising options tailored to your budget and business goals.

  • Analysis and Tracking

    Access valuable data on the performance of your campaigns for refined marketing strategies.

Why Choose BFOX for Your Advertising?

Start Your Campaign

Ready to propel your business on BFOX? To discover the package that best suits your needs and start crafting your advertising strategy on our map, contact us at the following email address:

Our team is here to answer your questions, guide you, and collaborate with you to create a customized advertising campaign that resonates with your target audience.

At BFOX, we believe success comes from highlighting local talents and services. By choosing us as your partner, you’re choosing a new way to connect your business with its community. Together, let’s make the BFOX map the new playground for your brand.