Inclusion policy and charter

Our commitment to a welcoming and diverse community

BFOX Charter: Building an inclusive and dynamic community


BFOX is more than just a platform; it’s a movement towards a more connected, respectful, and inclusive community. We are committed to providing a space where every member, whether FOX or BBFOX, finds their place, shares their talents, and enhances their daily lives without fear of discrimination.

Owner and Operator of the Application

  • Active Listening: immersing yourself in the needs of BBFOXs to provide personalized and relevant service.
  • Innovation in Delivery: using a variety of tools and methods to capture interest and address diverse learning styles.
  • Representation of BFOX: as ambassadors, embodying our values of excellence, equity, and solidarity.
  • Integrity and Confidentiality: honoring the trust placed in you by respecting data and private interactions.
  • Empowerment: aspiring to instill a sense of mastery and self-confidence in BBFOXs equivalent to your own.

"ngagement of BBFOXs (Clients)

  • Respect and Openness: Approach each FOX and every service with curiosity and consideration, recognizing the wealth brought by diversity.
  • Kind Communication: Foster respectful and constructive exchanges, regardless of the circumstances.

Inclusion Policy


    BFOX is committed to actively combating all forms of discrimination – whether based on age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, religious beliefs, socioeconomic status, physical or mental abilities, or any other criteria. We strive for a platform where diversity is not only respected but celebrated, offering everyone the opportunity to thrive and contribute.